Christ the King Church, Algarah – Mirik

Algarah is situated half way from kalimpong to Pedong while Mirik is on the way from Algarah to Lava.

Fr Peter Ranger had a brother who had a Lodge at Algarah. Fr Peter used one of the rooms of the Lodge for his missionary work. He managed to bring seven                                                                                                                          families to Catholic faith. Rozar Lama and Doma lepcha who were the in charge of local Gumba agreed to give a plot of land to the Catholic Missionaries. Sukhman Rai , the Mandal , made legal process to buy the land. Fr Gressot built a school at Mirik in 1951. In 1952, Fr Gressot built a chapel and presbytery.

Fr Gilbert Chettri  looks after  the church and the St. Anthony’s Primary School.

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