Our Lady of Lourdes Mission , Tendrabong

The Mission campus is located below Algarah Bazar.  The name Tendrabong is derived from Lepcha name Thandarbong. In Lepcha ‘ thandar’ means the sound and ‘bong’ means the place.

Fr Martin Rey was the first Catholic missionary to go and preach the gospel in Tendrabong in 1954. His contact with the local Lama resulted in the conversion of Lama and entire  family members to Catholic faith. The first church in Tendrabong was the spacious monastery –cum—residence of the Lama. The first person to receive baptism was Eric Lepcha on 6th November 1955.

Mr Alphonse Lepcha donated five acres of land to establish a Catholic mission campus. Fr. Francis Yonzon, with the help of local people constructed a chapel in 1995.

The present Parish Priest  Fr Patrick Golay, looks after the primary school and church while the Sisters of the Charity of Nazareth look after the dispensary.

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