Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Lolay

Lolay is on the route going to Kafer from Kalimpong through Relli bridge.

In 1974, the entire Rai ethnic group of Lolay invited Catholic Missionaries into their midst. The invitation letter written to Fr Pittet Parish Priest of Algarah-Mirik was signed by 32 people. Fr Pittet accepted the invitation and visited the house of Mr Basil Rai. Later Fr Pittet bought five acres of land and built a church-cum-presbytery in 1976.  Surprisingly the first one  to receive baptism  was not a Rai but a Gurung. Mrs Magdaline Gurung was baptized by Fr Pittet on 14th July,1974.

He  initiated the green revolution in Lolay. He supplied seeds of paddy, maize and millet, which were obtained from the horticultural farm, Kalimpong.

Later, Loreto nuns reached Lolay in order to start a school for the children of the area. The Church which was built by Fr Pittet is converted into convent.

Fr George Vadakkel is the Parish priest of the Lolay Church.

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