St. Bernadette Catholic Mission, Gorubathan

In 1897, Fr Hervagault undertook a missionary trip to Bhutan boarder. He landed up in a Lepcha village called Gorubathan. Fr Hervagault and Fr L Moriniux frequented the place to meet with the Lepcha people. Fr Benjamin Stolky visited Gorubathan from Maria busty and conversed with the Lepcha Protestants since he could speak Lepcha fluently. The real break-through came  with the conversion of Mr G T Sitling from Protestant to Catholicism. The first baptism was of  Maria Lepcha on 12th December, 1931 by Fr Benjamin Stolky at Gorubathan Prebytery. He used Gorubathan as transit house in order to reach out to Todey and Nimbong.

At present there are 31 Catholic families in Gorubathan. The present Church was built by Fr Abraham Kandathinkara and Presbytery by Fr Rocky D’souza. The Sisters of the Daughters of the Cross who arrived in Gorubathan in 2002 have a convent and they look after the welfare of womenfolk. Fr Alphonse Lingdamo is the present Parish Priest. He is also helped by Fr Pradeep Soreng and Fr Suleiman Lakra from Fagu a tea estate Parish, 10 kms from Gorubathan.

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