St. John Berchman’s Church, st. Mary’s Hill, Kurseong

This Church is situated above the road from Kurseong to Darjeeling, at a distance of  about 4 kms from Kurseong.  A small chapel was built for the local Catholics in

  1. The first baptism was recorded on 6th September1889 of Charlie by Fr Jose Baret. Charlie was a French national. The first local baptism was that of Adela Jangber on 6th April, 1890 by Fr Moret. By 1900, the number of Catholics had risen to 240. In 1932 Fr Michael Wery was appointed Parish Priest of St. John Berchman’s church.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny , four of them came to St Mary’s hill and spent about a month there teaching the women knitting, sewing, needle work and prayers in 1953.

Since the Catholic community grew in number, there was a need for a spacious building for worship. Therefore, an octagonal church was built and inaugurated on 7th October 1988. St. john’s church is an example of modern architectural excellence.

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