St. Joseph, the Worker Church, Git- Dubling

In 1899, Fr Martin Durel, a French Catholic Missionary from  Maria Busty visited this Lepcha dominated place. He spent some time in Nok, a hamlet in the vicinity.                                                                                        A new Catholic managed to get a plot of land for the missionary. Fr Durel constructed a house for himself, but the Protestants protested that he was intruding  their territory. In 1899, the British Government ordered Fr Durel to leave Nok.

Almost after 36 years later in 1935, Fr Gaston Gratuze, a French Catholic missionary set up a mission campus at Git-Dubling.The first baptism in the church of St. Joseph ,the Worker was on 27th October of Raphael Lepcha by Fr Gratuze. A presbytery was established in 1936.

Fr Andrew looks after the spiritual needs of the people there. The out stations are Longsheol, Pochok and Pakang.

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