St. Margaret Mary Catholic Misssion, Borbot –Nimbong

The Catholic mission is situated on the route from Kalimpong to Bagrakot through Lava. In 1932 fr Gratuz used to halt at Nimbong  on the way to Pemling to visit a few Lepcha families who had relatives in Pedong. In !968, Fr Eigenmann along with Joseph Sitling came to Nimbong, a strong hold of Protestants. He started his mission from Borbot to avoid clashes with Protestants. Since he had good knowledge of medicines , he administered his skill in looking after the sick people. By doing this he earned the hearts of people and many patients recovering from illness accepted Catholic faith.

Fr Charles Mukhia bought ten acres of land and constructed a chapel and a residence. Fr Victor Khawas encouraged the villagers to cultivate ginger and insisted on terrace cultivation.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny look after St. joseph’s Primary School, dispensary and girls hostel.

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