St. Maurice’s Catholic Mission, Suruk

Suruk is a remote area near Samthar in Kalimpong sub-division. Fr Benjamin Stolke, with his Lepcha Bible used to preach the gospel to the Lepchas there. Fr.Rouiller celebrated the Mass in Latin in the courtyard of Kancha Lepcha’s                                                        house. Kancha Lepcha was baptized on  07.06.1952 and became  Paul Kancha Lepcha. Fr Rouiller was a good carpenter that helped to construct a wooden presbytery and a chapel.

Fr Victor Khawas and Fr Rouiller opened a Primary School in 1952. Besides the evangelical work, Fr Rouiller brought improvement  in road transportation. He built a suspension bridge across Samthar and Relli rivers measuring 75 mtrs long,

using iron cables, wood and bamboos. This was a great help for the villagers in those difficulty days. He also taught scientific cultivation of crops. Opened an animal husbandry. With the help of Swiss Government a rope way was built over Teesta river at 27th mile in September 1966. The Bengal Government was so happy with the works of the Fathers that Fr Rouiller and Fr Brahier were given Indian citizenship.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny  established Convent in 1961 at suruk. In 1964, St. Maurice’s Primary School was established. After finishing Primary education they were enrolled in St. George’s School, Pedong.

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