St. Nicholas Catholic Mission, Todey

Todey is situated in the hill section of Gorubathan under Kalimpong sub-division. Todey can be reached from Siliguri crossing Coronation bridge and then via Chalsa and Jhaldhaka.

In 1897, Fr Hervagault made a discovery trip to the western border of Bhutan. He found a large number of Nepalese settled near the border. The British Government did not permit him to open a Catholic mission there due to a protest by the  Protestants.  However, Fathers from Maria Busty kept regular visits to Todey. In 1947, Fr Robert Eigenmann, when he was  at  Gorubathan he visited Todey and  met Mr Joseph Sitling a Catholic  from Darjeeling happened to be at Todey. Mr Joseph welcomed Fr Robert, because Father had sufficient knowledge in medicine and was able to treat the sick. As a result of the healing ministry , five families of  the Rai ethnic community accepted Catholicism.Fr Robert Eigenmann felt the need  of educating the children of the area. A Primary school was constructed at Tangta, five kilometers from Todey. He built a thatched house and lived there for  six years. Now, Fr Pradeep Rai, looks after the spiritual and material welfare of the people of Todey.

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