St. Patrick’s Church, Pringtam-Kankebong

The mission station is situated on the way from Kalimpong to Samthar through Relli bridge.

Mr Lama Tsering Sada of Pringtam had invited Fr Brahier to visit them. Although a protestant he embraced Catholicism afterwards. He also donated part of his land to build a church.  In 1957 Fr Brahier constructed a church and presbytery in Lepcha style.

In 1965 Fr Eigenmann built a church in Kankebong.  Later Fr Grosset also built a church at Kanklebong with typical hindu temple structure. This is the only Catholic Church in Darjeeling built in Hindu style.

The Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross arrived at Kankekebong on the request of Bishop Eric Benjamin in 1995. They look after Holy Cross Primary School and Dispensary.

Fr Frederick Dewan is the Parish Priest of Pringtam and Kankebong and administrator of St. Patrick’s  Primary School, Pringtam.

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