St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Mission, Tanyang

Tanyang is on the route from Kalimpong to Samthar,  through the Relli bridge.

Fr J M Brahier was journeying from  Git-Dubling to Samthar. At Samthar he met with two individuals from Tanyang who encouraged him to come to Tanyang. One was a woman and the other a Protestant catechist Mr Tenchyo simick. Mr Simick requested the Father to shepherd the Protestants. Fr Brahier stayed in the house of Mr Laxman Lepcha, who became a Catholic. Fr Brahier bought a small piece of land from Lagay Lepcha. There he built a presbytery with the provision for a chapel. On 17th August 1952, there was the first baptism of Mrs Motik Lepcha by Fr Brahier. For education, Fr Brahier converted the fathers residence into a school. Fr Brahier taught in the school from  6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Later, the school wasrecognized by West Bengal Government as Tanyang Tribal School.

Fr Jacob Pallivathukkal was instrumental for implementing the water project of Seva Kendra, siliguri, to solve the water scarcity of Tanyang.

Fr George Vadakkel, helped get corrugated iron sheets for the roofing of the houses. He also got rations and grocery at cheaper rates for the villagers.

Fr Gregory Lepcha  constructed a  road up to Tanyang Tribal School. Fr Boniface Rai  takes care of the spiritual needs of the people. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny look after the school and the dispensary.

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