St. Peter’s Catholic Mission, Munsong

The mission campus is situated 17 kilometers away from Kalimpong. The area is occupied by a cinchona plantation.

Fr Rene Singh who was a friend of the Manager of the Munsong cinchona plantation, allowed Fr Rene to tour in his garden and meet with the labourers. Fr Martin Rey, successor to Fr Rene at Sacred Heart Church , Pedong used to visit Munsong and Kashyong gardens. He sent Dr Olivia Rai, a Catholic Doctor to Munsong to look after the health of the garden labourers. As number of Catholics increased, Fr Rey started celebrating Holy Mass in the families.

In 1983, Fr Rey, constructed a beautiful Church at Munsong. Fr John Bingham an American Jesuit stayed there as Parish Priest for two years. His regular house visits resulted in making more Catholics.

The status of women in Munsong improved with coming of the Sisters of Daughters of the Cross on 26th January 1995.They visited each family in cinchona plantation and organized self-help groups for the socio-economic development of women. Now, there are 168 Catholics in Munsong. The reason for people accepting Catholicism was the belief that “baptism brings physical healing “. After the Jesuits, from 30th May 2008, the Roman Catholic Diocesan of Darjeeling looks after the mission of Munsong. Fr Norbert Lepcha looks after the Church and the small hostel.

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