Educational Institutions

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling prides in the heritage of being pioneers of education globally. From the inception of the diocese, priests, brothers, nuns as well as Lay brothers & sisters with the large number of catholic teachers have worked endlessly to impart knowledge, educate and bring out the finest citizens across the globe from various Educational Institutions of the diocese.

Colleges in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling:

St. Joseph's College (sj)DarjeelingSt. Joseph's College (Sj), Darjeeling
Cluny Community College (sjc)Kalimpong
Loyola College of Education (sj)NamchiLoyola College of Education, Namchi
Salesian College (sdb)SonadaSalesian College, Sonada


Higher Secondary Schools in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling

Loreto Convent School (ibvm)Darjeeling ILoreto Convent, Darjeeling
St. Robert's HS SchoolDarjeeling ISt. Robert’s Higher Secondary School, Darjeeling
St. Teresa's HS School (ibvm)Darjeeling ISt. Teresa’s HS School, Darjeeling
St. Joseph's School (sj)DarjeelingSt. Joseph's School, Darjeeling. North Point
St. Michael's HS School (sjc)Darjeeling IISt. Michael’s School, Darjeeling
Holy Cross Convent School (scsc)Gangtok IIHoly Cross Higher Secondary School, Tadong
St. Augustine's SchoolKalimpongSt. Augustine’s School, Kalimpong
St. Joseph's convent School (sjc)KalimpongSt. Joseph’s Convent School, Kalimpong
St. Philomena's HS School (sjc)Kalimpong
Goethal's Memorial School (cfc)KurseongGoethals Memorial School, Kurseong
Edmund Rice Free School (cfc)Kurseong I
St. Alphonsus HS SchoolKurseong IISt. Alphonsus Higher Secondary School, Kurseong
Don Bosco School (sdb)MirikDon Bosco Mission, Mirik
Don Bosco School (sdb)MalbaseyDon Bosco School, Malbasey
Namchi Public SchoolNamchiNamchi Public School, Namchi
St. Xavier's SchoolPakyongSt. Xavier’s School, Pakyong
St. George's SchoolPedongSt. George’s HS School, Pedong
Holy Cross HS School (scsc)SonadaHoly Cross School, Sonada


High Schools in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling

St. Michael's Ntl. Open School (sjc)Darjeeling
St. Mary's convent School (fma)GeyzingSt. Mary’s School, Geyzing
St. Francis SchoolJorethangSt. Francis School, Jorethang
St. Stephen's AcademyKaferSt. Stephen Academy, Kafer
St. Mary's School, Kainjalia (snd)Kankebong
Notre Dame Schoolk, Sumbuk (snd)Kankebong
St. Helen's Convent School (fc)KurseongSt. Helen’s School, Kurseong
Carmel High School (ac)Kurseong
Evana Memorial School (fc)Mamring, RanpoEvana Memorial School, Mamring
St. Joseph's School (sjc)MartamSt. Joseph’s School, Martam
Gandhi ashram School (sj)Nangsay
St. Joseph's School (sjc)Paren
St. Joseph's SchoolRhenockSt. Joseph’s School, Rhenock
Notre Dame Academy (snd)Rimbick
St. Xavier's School (sjc)Sakyong
St. Mary's School (cj)Singla


Primary Schools in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling

Sacred Heart SchoolArubotay
Bethany School (sjc)DarjeelingBethany School, Darjeeling
Holy Angels School (sjc)Darjeeling
St. Michael's Primary School (sjc)Darjeeling
St. Teresa's Primary School (ibvm)Darjeeling
Daughters of the Cross School (fc)Fagu
H. Cross Montessori School (scsc)GangtokHoly Cross Montessori School, Gangtok
St. Thomas schoolGangtokSt. Thomas School, Gangtok
St. Patrick's School (sjc)Gaucharan
St. Joseph's SchoolGitdubling
St. Mary's Tribal school, NokdaraGitdubling
Cluny Primary School (sjc)Glenburn
FC Nursery School (fc)Jorethang
St. Agnes School for boys (sjc)Kalimpong
St. Joseph's SchoolKashyong
St. Thomas SchoolKhamdongSt. Thomas School, Khamdong
St. Alphonsus Primary School (sj)Kurseong
St. Joseph's Primary School (fc)Kurseong
St. Peter's SchoolLingee Payung
Loreto Convent School (ibvm)Lolay
St. Stephen Primary SchoolLungchokSt. Stephen Primary School, Lungchok
FC Convent School (fc)MalbaseyDon Bosco School, Malbasey
Infant Jesus SchoolMamring Sittong
St. Joseph's School (sjc)ManganSt. Joseph’s School, Mangan
St. Joseph's Primary School (sjc)Mangan
Mother Teresa Memorial School, BikmatManiram Bhanj
Mother Teresa Memorial School, RatepaniManiram BhanjMother Teresa Memorial School, Ratepani
St. Mary's Primary School (sjc)Mariabusty
Auxilium Kindergarten School (fma)Mirik
St. Anthony SchoolMirik (Algarah)
St. Mary's Kindergarten school (cj)Namchi
St. Teresa School (cm)SalleybongSt. Teresa’s School, Salleybong
St. Xavier's SchoolNamthangSt. Xavier’s School, Namthang
St. Joseph's Primary School (sjc)Nimbong
Carmel Kindergarten School (ac)Pakyong
Holy Cross Primary schoolPringtam
St. Joseph's School (sjc)Pudung
St. Mary's Primary SchoolRongliSt. Mary’s Primary School, Rongli
St. Dominic School (scn)Sangsay
Don Bosco School, Balsan (sdb)Sonada
Don Bosco School, Dooteria (sdb)Sonada
Savio Vidyanand, Thapa Dhura (sdb)Sonada
Ferrando School, Dhajea (msmhc)Sonada
St. Maurice Primary School (sjc)Suruk
St. Mary's SchoolTakdah
St. Mary's SchoolTanderbong
St. Joseph's Primary school (sjc)Tanyang
St. Joseph's School (sjc)Todey
Loreto School, Sadam (ibvm)TurukLoreto School, Sadam

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