St. Joseph’s Convent School, Kalimpong

In the year 1919, Fr Jules Douenel of the Foreign Mission Society of Paris, learnt that Kalimpong was open to new residents. So without delay he requested the Sisters of St.. Joseph of Cluny, from Chandennagar, inviting them to open a Holiday Home at Kalimpong that could later on become a house of Education.

The Sisters agreed to start a Holiday Home. Fr Douenel went and approached the Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO )for a plot of land for the sisters. The SDO willingly granted 1.85 acres of land in July,1920. The construction started immediately. Sr Ursula bore the expenses and Fr Douenel supervised the construction work. The convent was almost completed by 1921.

The British Catholics of Kalimpong requested the nuns to open a school for girls. The Sisters approached the SDO who granted one acre land for the play ground. The school was established in 1926. The reputation of St. Joseph’s Convent School spread rapidly far and wide. In 1929, there were children of the Royal families of Sikkim and Bhutan studying in St. Joseph’s Convent. St. Joseph’s School is recognized by the Education department of West Bengal and the Council for the Indian School Certificate, New Delhi.

Sr Pushpa Michael, the Principal, along with 65 teaching 35 non teaching staff members take care of 1260 students.

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