St. Robert’s Higher Secondary School, Darjeeling

 The school is named after St Robert Bellarmine, a sixteenth century scholar and saint. The school is situated above Bishop’s House. In 1931, the  Jesuit authorities  of Darjeeling decided to open a school for local boys of the town. It was also decided that it would be a Nepali medium school. It was recognized as High School in 1935 by the University of Calcutta with English as the medium of instruction.

In 1974, St. Robert’s School   was affiliated to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The year 1990 was a land mark in the history of St Robert’s School as the administration shifted from Jesuits Order to Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling. Later in 1993, the school was upgraded to Higher Secondary  status. Arts and Science streams are offered at higher secondary level. Fr Peter Lingdamo, is the Principal of the school.

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